Welcome to the East Bay Community Foundation's portal for grants and scholarship applications on the SurveyMonkey Apply platform. From this site you can view information on grants and scholarships that have an open application process, register and create a profile, as well as create/edit applications for programs that you are eligible for.


1.) You will need to register and create a profile first, before you can access any applications. Click on the green Register button in the top right corner to register and create a profile. Once that's done, you can click on the Login button for future access.

2.) When you create a profile, you must select if you are an Organization or an Individual. This will determine which programs/applications you get access to on the platform. Generally speaking, only Organizations can apply for grants and only Individuals can apply for scholarships.

3.) An email address is required to create your profile. The platform will ask you to verify your email by sending an email to the address you provide. If you do not get an email, go back and correct the email you entered or check your spam folder. When you get the verification email, follow the instructions to verify.

4.) After creating your profile as either an Organization or an Individual, go to the Programs page to see active Programs. All active Programs are listed on this page with a short summary; click More for detailed information. If your type of profile is eligible for a given Program, click Apply to access the application form. If you do not see the Apply button on a specific program, that indicates that you cannot apply.

We highly recommend that you take a few minutes to review the FAQ pages below, especially if you are a first-time user of the SurveyMonkey Apply platform.

Please read the Applicant FAQ here.

Please read the Organization FAQ here.

Note: If you have problems Registering or Logging in, the fastest way to get help is to contact SMA Support by clicking the "i" button at the top right corner to submit a Help Request or by emailing them directly at support@smapply.io with your issue. 

About EBCF

Founded in 1928, and supported by over 400 local donors, the East Bay Community Foundation mobilizes financial assets and community leadership to transform the lives of people in the East Bay with pressing needs. This means bringing together the financial resources and leadership capabilities of charitable-fund holders with those of government, business, private foundations, and non-profit service providers in coordinated, grantmaking efforts to positively affect social change. The Foundation is committed to advancing a Just East Bay, where all members of our community are treated fairly, resulting in equitable opportunity and outcomes. In 2017, in partnership with our donors, EBCF granted more than $46 million to local nonprofit organizations and has charitable assets under management of $450 million. For more information, please visit www.ebcf.org.

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